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Keeping you and your loved ones safe is our top priority.

From the moment we enter your home, we ensure your safety and comfort is maintained every step of the way.


In accordance with our regulatory bodies, our practice is delivered with the following: 


Non-aerosol generating procedures: we only use hand instruments to minimize the transmission of viruses during care.


Level 3 Mask, Face Shield & Gown: we ensure that our personal protective equipment is worn during the entire appointment and changed between each patient we see. 


Sterilization: we ensure all of our dental instruments are sterile and surface areas are disinfected between each patient we see. 


Screening: our patients are screened in advance, as well as at the time of their scheduled appointment for Covid-19 and other flu viruses. Our hygienists are also screened daily and mandated 14-day quarantine as needed.

For further questions or concerns related to our Covid-19 Safety Plan and safety in general, please contact us on the form below or by phone and email.

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