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A Passion for Compassion 

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Mobile dental hygiene care with a specialized approach for geriatrics and homebound individuals

Our team specializes in caring for those with complex medical conditions, such as Dementia. We will ensure that your loved one receives the care they need so that medical conditions and/or physical challenges are no longer barriers to receiving routine dental care. 

Through our personalized care, we come to you and offer safe, compassionate, convenient care—bedside or chair-side in the comfort of your own home. 


Our Services

Dental Hygiene Assessment

Assessment and evaluation of oral tissues including unique and specialized care plans for you or your loved one. 

Dental Cleaning

Mechanical removal of harmful bacteria deposits and stain from teeth by scaling & root planning. 

Cavity Prevention 

Fluoride Varnish: Topical application of 5% sodium fluoride varnish to provide teeth cavity protection and post care sensitivity.

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF): Conservative and non-invasive application used to stop the spread of bacteria as a result of a cavity.  

Temporary Fillings

Interim stabilization therapy (IST) used to conservatively, non-invasively, and temporarily stabilize a tooth using a white filling material with active fluoride releasing ingredients.

Hospital & Long Term Care Visits

We provide care to you in hospital or in your home at a long term care facility.

House Visits

We provide care to you at home making it more accessible for you to receive care, safely and comfortably. 

Our Team



My passion is providing care to those who have challenges accessing conventional dentistry and finding ways to provide both them and their families a sense of relief that care can be provided safely, even in the most challenging circumstances. I take pride in understanding my patients unique needs, their past and current values and respecting them with sensitivity and dignity through all situations and stages of  life. 

Caring for my patients and their oral and overall health is a privilege and something that I value greatly. 

Iris Feng


I developed a keen interest in specialized populations while completing my Master’s research project which assessed how a preventive community-based program influenced the access of dental care for people living with HIV.


I enjoy working with diverse groups such as those living with disabilities, geriatrics, and people with language/cultural barriers and helping them stabilize and improve their oral health.


Hanna Rakowska


I am honoured to be in a position that enables me to provide oral health care services to patients and also have an impact on their overall health and wellbeing.


I value a patient-centred, evidence-based approach to care, where my patients feel comfortable and are able to enjoy the benefits of good oral health, such as the ability to enjoy a healthy diet and improve quality of life.

Jenny Jamen


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